Sunday, December 15, 2013

Flowery Blanket

I finally finished this darn thing.  I crocheted it from the leftover bits of yarn from many past projects.  I still have tons of leftover yarn leftover, but I had to pick an ending point for this blanket, otherwise I could have continued to work on it for the rest of my life.  

I used this pattern:    The flowers are called "African flowers" because the pattern originated in a South African magazine, apparently. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tam O' Shanter

Apparently I'm only posting pictures of my knitting and crochet projects these days. 

Speaking of which, here's a hat I just finished:

It is the "Francie Nolan Tam" from the book "Literary Knits" by Nikol Lohr.   I want to make another with "nicer" yarn (this one is "Vanna's Choice" acrylic cheap stuff).   I think I made the pompom too big, but I like it.  Also I didn't bother to block it so that might help the shape a bit.  It was pretty quick and fun to knit!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I crocheted these slippers:

I followed this pattern:

(I'm blogging on my phone so, if formatting is weird that is probably the reason. )

Anyway, they were quick and easy and I plan on making more! 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

2 year socks!

Here are a pair of socks I started knitting 2 years ago and finally finished:

They are from "Socks from the Toe Up" by Wendy Johnson.  I have no idea what the yarn is, I lost the label 2 years ago when I started.  I used two size "0" circular needles. 

Even though I knitted the exact same number of little lace-doohickys on each sock they ended up being different lengths AND I knitted the cast-off on the shorter one way too tight so I can't pull it up any further to stretch it.  OH WELL.  I'm just glad their reign of terror is over. 

The next pair of socks I knit will not have a complicated lace pattern, that's for sure.  I need something I can just mindlessly knit on while I'm doing other stuff (like riding in the car).  Socks are good for summer knitting because they are small and easy to take along while traveling.

I've also recently finished a couple more skirts (sewn not knitted) and another blouse.  I'm still working on a giant flower crocheted afghan,  and am currently attempting slippers and a crocheted summer floppy hat.  I haven't started the hat yet because I've been trying to find yarn made out of PAPER that isn't crazy expensive-boutiquey.   I'll probably just end up using some cotton or hemp or linen or something.  Harrumph.  Pictures at some point?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

2 finished items

I have been knitting and crocheting quite a bit lately, just haven't been posting stuff.  I finished this skirt a while ago... it is the "Carnaby Skirt" by Nikol Lohr (here is the ravelry link).  I used Cascade 220 yarn as usual (my "go to" worsted weight wool yarn I usually buy from local yarn shop Close Knit),  and the buttons are just cheapies I got at a big-box-craft-shop who doesn't need any extra advertising from me. 

I am pretty happy with how it turned out!  I'm glad I read the comments by other people who knitted this because a lot of people noted that it stretches out so I aimed smaller than the pattern suggested and it fits great. Ravelry is such a helpful community!  I love it!  Also I did not bother with the "waistband" because it seems fine without it, and when I started crocheting the band it seemed too tight so I took it out.  Here I am wearing the skirt with my green tights in honor of St. Patrick's Day:
Carnaby Skirt

I also knitted another "Escargot Hat".  (Here is my first one.)  (Follow that link to original link to pattern or email me if you are interested! It was a free pattern from  This hat I made slightly larger and I like the way it fits much better.  Even though the colors look totally different in these pictures, I'm pretty sure I used the leftover yarn from the skirt.  The green is some leftover Noro something-or-other.   Yes, my last escargot hat was purple and green, and this one is blue and green, but they are TOTALLY different. 
Escargot Hat #2

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Finished Sweater

I finally finished the "Que Sera" sweater.  (I actually finished it a while ago but just now managed to get some pictures taken.)  I'm pretty proud of it because it's my first adult-sized sweater and the lace pattern was kind of complicated but I didn't make any obvious mistakes.  However, I don't really like the way it fits!  It turned out too long and droopy.  I wanted it to be shorter, but I wasn't paying attention to length while knitting I guess.  Or maybe I should have knitted the smaller size.  The sleeves are a good length at least.  I think maybe the yarn I used was just too stretchy.  Or something.  I'm learning.


buttoned (except for last 2 for some reason)

yes i need new jeans
The buttons are from a bag of old buttons I received from my Grammy a while back.

I'll probably wear it this winter layered over other long sleeve tops.  I do like the color a lot!